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How to find a job for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program - Canada 2019.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

This summer 2019, Teepeeca travelled to the cities of Sudbury and North Bay in the Canadian province of Ontario. Our goal was to learn more details about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program that will be launched by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) late in 2019.

First, we visited the city of Sudbury and there we met with some authorities related to this pilot program. We had a meeting with two specialists at YMCA in Sudbury to talk about employment opportunities in the city. We learnt from them that the city of Sudbury is facing a challenge finding qualified workers in almost all the sectors and industries. They told us that a few days ago, a group of employers of Sudbury organized a job fair in the city of Toronto in order to recruit skilled workers for different positions. They also gave us some tips and pointed to some resources we should use to get a job offer from a local employer. We are leaving a PDF at the end of these lines with some of the employment agencies you can contact to get help finding job opportunities in both cities.

After we left the YMCA facilities and started walking around the city, we found several adds and listings on the streets looking for people willing to start working immediately. So, we confirmed that the expression used by one of the YMCA specialists was true. He told us: "the job opportunities in this city are massive".

We also visited the Economic Development Office to ask about the details of the pilot and one of the associates in charge of this program told us that all the information will be available by November 1st, the date when the city expects to start processing the first applications.

She gave us a general overview and information about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program, however, the most valuable tip we got from her was the assurance that the best way to find a job offer in Sudbury for this pilot program is by checking the companies' websites. She stated that most of the companies in Sudbury are certainly looking for employees at all times, but they don't usually publish the openings on the job bank web page or any other employment agency website, such as Indeed or Workopolis. As you should already know, a job offer is crucial to be able to apply under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program.

SUDBURY-Economic Development Office

In the city of North Bay, we found the Chamber of Commerce already closed, so we were not able to obtain any relevant information about the functioning of this entity in relation with the application process. However, we had enough time to visit the city and talk to some residents. We talked to some people on the street and they told us about the cost of living, the job opportunities in the city and the housing options. They were all really welcoming and showed interest in the Rural and Northern Pilot. In general, we left North Bay under the impression that the city was crying out for help and that the people of the city are getting ready to welcome all the newcomers under this immigration program that the Government of Canada is at about to launch.

Watch our video blog about the job opportunities we found while visiting Sudbury and North Bay and find below some of them. We are also leaving here with you some PDFs with general information we were able to gather about the city of Sudbury. That will help you better know the city and the opportunities it has to offer to all the new immigrants.

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Both cities are amazing options to start your path in Canada, even if you come as an international student and not as a candidate for the Rural and Northern Pilot Program. The biggest advantage here is the opportunity of easy integration into the community that major cities such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver don´t offer.


Jan 24, 2020

I really enjoyed this adventure of traveling to Sudbury and North Bay in just one day with Francy, my mother-in-law and my amazing Spanish friends: Susana and Leticia, plus Tai and Lucky, their Pomeranian little dogs. Thank you for this terrific experience!!!

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