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Studying in Canada: IBT College, everything is possible!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

TOUT EST POSSIBLE. This sentence closes our video about studying in Canada in a private school. In FL Translations and Teepeeca we are convinced that everything is possible. We know that it is difficult to conquer a dream, but it is not impossible. If your dream is to emigrate to Canada, but you cannot obtain permanent residence from your country and you need a safe and fast way to achieve your purpose, come as a student.

Studying in Canada is one of the best ways to immigrate to this country. As we have told you in previous Teepeeca videos, Canada opens its doors to immigrants with the willingness and ability to integrate into Canadian society as successfully as possible. Immigrants studying in Canada receive their reward: 15 points on their Express Entry profile if they study for one or two years; and 30 points if studies extend for more than three years. Another benefit granted by the Government of Canada to international public school students is to be able to remain in the country after graduating as workers, with an open work permit. Immigrants who manage to accumulate a year of Canadian work experience in categories A, B or 0 of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system are also rewarded with 35 points. Obviously, Canada is promoting and stimulating, with these actions, the entry of international students into the country. That is precisely why today we will talk about studying in Canada with the ultimate objective of obtaining permanent residence.

If graduating in Canada as an international student was not so expensive, it could be said that this is the best way. Unfortunately, Canada sets very high rates for foreign students that generally triple the rates established for national students. On top of that, local students have access to help from the government; international students, don’t. However, there are economic options; some hidden gems in the country that can help you make your dream of immigrating to Canada become a reality. Our student experience in this country is closely related to a private Toronto school called IBT College. This school was our entrance ticket to Canada and that of many other applicants for permanent residence in the “True North”. The programs at IBT College are very affordable and the payment plans are very flexible. Generally, the courses have a maximum duration of one year and the prices range between 5 thousand and 10 thousand dollars. While in public schools you must pay an advance and non-refundable payment of between one thousand and 2,500 dollars only for the submission of your application (the application fee), at IBT College this payment is only 500 dollars and it is valid for one year. In public schools, you must pay the total amount of the semester one month before its beginning; at IBT College you can choose a more flexible payment plan that suits your needs. This is, without a doubt, the most outstanding advantage of studying at a school like IBT College. Only a few private institutes in Canada offer such a competitive quality-price correlation.

IBT College is on the list of Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) registered with the Ministry of Education; for this reason, the IRCC awards 15 points to the Express Entry profile of students who graduate from this school. If you have already post-secondary studies in your home country, once you receive the IBT College degree, your Express Entry score will also increase. In addition, it is very likely that, at the end of your studies at IBT College, your language level has considerably improved, so you can get better results on the IELTS or CELPIP exam. On the other hand, moving up to another academic level and improving your language qualifications will also increase the transferability points in your Express Entry profile. This way, your score will guarantee you the longed-for ITA and permanent residence in Canada.

Studying in a private school like IBT College can help you significantly increase your chances of employment in Canada in a very short time. The school offers a Co-op modality or practicum in most of its study programs. This option allows you to divide your studies into 2 periods: One academic and one work-related. Upon completion of the academic component, you can start working full time in a position related to your academic profile; you can choose for paid or voluntary work. Although this work experience will not award you points on your Express Entry profile for having an ineligible immigration status, you will be able to include it in your cover letter for future employers. Some students have started volunteering and then have received a job offer that has guaranteed them a work permit or an ITA. Let's not forget that for an eligible job offer you can receive between 50 and 200 points in your Express Entry profile. At IBT College, they offer you specialized advice to help you not only improve your resume but also find a job to complete your co-op.

On the other hand, private schools frequently have less strict requirements than public schools, in terms of language exams, the schooling or grades of secondary or post-secondary studies, among others. IBT College requires a level of 5.5 in the IELTS General Training, a post-secondary certificate and to be over 18 years of age. Many public schools require a very high overall grade point average or high scores on the IELTS Academic English exam, which is more complicated than the IELTS General Training.

In addition, public schools require that all original documents that are not in English or French, the two official languages of Canada, be translated by a certified translator in Canada or have an affidavit before a notary. IBT College requires translations of the original documents into English; however, it is not necessary to certify them. This represents another advantage in favour of IBT College since certified translations are priced higher than non-certified translations. In this regard, you should keep in mind that in FL Translations we have competent translators who can perform all kinds of translations in a short time and at very competitive prices within the Canadian market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to translate your documents to enroll in IBT College or for your immigration process to Canada.

Another favourable aspect of IBT College is the flexibility in terms of schedules and the opening of programs. Regularly the public schools organize the studies by blocks of 4 months, in each block the student must study several subjects at the same time. These schools are open for enrollment in autumn, winter and also have summer and spring programs. In most private schools, the student only attends one subject at a time and this gives the chance to constantly incorporate new students. That is why an IBT College program, such as the Travel and Tourism program, receives applications almost every month or once every two months. This facilitates the regular entry of students throughout the year.

Unfortunately, there are certain privileges that a private school like IBT College cannot offer you. In general, these schools do not offer the opportunity to obtain a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This permit is granted by the IRCC to international students who graduate from public schools in Canada so that they can stay for a time between 1 to 3 more years in the country with an open work permit after graduation.

Another downside of private schools is that they do not guarantee an open work permit for the spouses of international students. If an international student enters a private school that does not confer a scientific degree and does not have government funding, they will not be able to obtain this work permit for their partner; in which case, they would have to apply for a study or tourist visa.

It is important to highlight that, although many private schools have as much quality as the public ones, in terms of reputation and social recognition they are usually disregarded. So, when entering the labour market, graduates of a private school may encounter some obstacles, as employers consider more those students who are graduated from recognized public schools or Canadian universities. However, this is the least disadvantage of all as there are many other factors that are taken into account here, and both work experience and language proficiency, as well as personal characteristics, play an essential role when it comes to being hired or not by an employer in Canada.

The knowledge about most of these aspects that we can share with you today, both in our Teepeeca video and in this article, in our case was accompanied by many setbacks and mistakes. If when we started with this emigration project to Canada, we would have had all this information we have today, surely our path would have been smoother. However, despite all the adversities that arose along the way, that first plan we outlined that night in April, sitting in front of the computer in our bedroom, that initial project became real the way we had planned it. We obtained a Canadian degree and eligible work experience in Canada within a year of having arrived in the country and that placed us in a position to apply for our permanent residence in Canada. We did it thanks to a study program at IBT College; other people, who have followed our example, have also achieved it. IBT College opened its doors to us, thus we were able to make our dream of immigrating to Canada come true.

Canadian Work Experience-35 point pf CRS/Candian diploma-15 points of CRS

Was it easy? Definitely not. Nothing in life comes easy, but we have to push forward and not allow the obstacles that are always there to keep us from our goal. In 2015 when we decided to come to Canada we had neither money, nor a Canadian degree, or work experience in Canada, nobody gave us any of this, we accomplished it with a lot of effort and sacrifice, we worked every day for it, it took time, but today we see the results.

If we could do it, so can you!


Teepeeca recommends using the certified translation services of FL Translations, which is our translation agency, based in Calgary, Canada. FL Translations has extensive experience in translating legal documents for immigration purposes and has an excellent portfolio of certified translators in Canada, in more than 50 languages.

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