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Waiting for a Better Tomorrow: An Afghan Refugee's Story of Resettlement and Hope

In a recent interview on Teepeeca, our friend Jamal, an Afghan refugee, shared his story of displacement and waiting for resettlement by the UNHCR. Jamal has been living in Indonesia for the past ten years, seeking asylum in hopes of being closer to his family who was relocated to Australia. Jamal recently received the news that he will soon be resettled in the USA, a great relief after years of waiting and uncertainty.

During the interview, Jamal explained the main questions that the UNHCR asks people seeking asylum in order to determine if they will be granted convention refugee status. He described the process and the criteria that need to be met for someone to be eligible for resettlement in a third country. He also explained that convention refugees are usually resettled in the USA, Canada, Australia, and countries of the European Union and that refugees do not have the ability to choose their preferred resettlement destination.

Jamal discussed the challenges he faced during his years of displacement, including the difficulty of living alone for so many years, apart from family and friends. He also mentioned the high rate of suicide among refugees who struggle with mental health issues as a result of their displacement. These challenges highlight the importance of providing support and resources to refugees during their resettlement process.

Toward the end of the interview, Jamal talked about the Canadian program for UNHCR refugees called "The Group of Five". This program allows groups of five or more Canadians to sponsor refugees to come to Canada. Teepeeca will explore this option in greater depth in the next episode.

Group of friends in a junk car in Iran
Jamal and his friend in Iran - 2012

Jamal's story and the experiences of refugees around the world remind us of the importance of supporting and advocating for those who are seeking asylum. It is crucial that we work towards creating a more compassionate and just world for all, and that we continue to provide opportunities for refugees to start a new life in a safe and stable environment. Through ongoing efforts and support, we can make a difference in the lives of those who are waiting for a better tomorrow.


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