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Translation: Services

Translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target) in a written way.

For Business
Your business takes time and spends money. Ensure your message conveys your intent in English. Many translations simply change the word of one language into the closest word in another. "Word by word" translations can alter your message. FL Translations produces documents that clearly and accurately communicate the intent of your message with cultural context, in any language.

For Individuals
FL Translations provides accurate, reliable translations with a certification stamp and declaration by the translator verifying the authenticity of the translation. Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted when accessing government services or accompanying applications for immigration, financial, educational or medical purposes.

Learn how we cater to the needs of our clients, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

We provide:

  • Certified translations of official documents (birth certificates, police certificates, etc.)

  • Literary translations

  • Website localization

  • Proofreading and revision

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling

Please, fill out the form below to get a quote for the translation of your document(s) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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